Big Changes For PA Deer Hunting

If the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gives final approval in April, firearms deer season will open the Saturday after Thanksgiving as opposed to what has traditionally been the following Monday.  For hunters an extra day in the woods would be enthusiastically welcomed, but for business in rural towns that rely on the long weekend it will surely be seen as detrimental. Only time will tell if the numbers support that notion, but it doesn’t seem farfetched that many of those small businesses will come out on the losing end. It’s a double edged sword, however in the grand scheme of things I believe it will be considered successful when measured as a means for increasing overall participation, new hunter recruitment, funding for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and consequently further support for projects that positively impact our experience as Pennsylvania hunters.

And for the grand finale, Pennsylvania is finally making a push to open Sundays for hunting! Bill 147 which would give PA Game Commission the power to regulate laws on Sunday hunting has passed by a vote of 8-3. The bill will now be introduced to the Senate and House where it will be voted on again. If approved, it will only need Governor Tom Wolf’s signature to to become a law. Fingers crossed, let’s get this done! Realistically I don’t see this going into effect until 2020, but it’s a huge step for all of us who want to see a ridiculously outdated law abolished!

Nick Berger
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