2% for conservation certified

2% For Conservation Certified

Who is 2% For Conservation:

2% for Conservation a 501c3 non-profit. Their mission is to get more businesses and individuals involved in conservation in order to ensure the future existence of fish and wildlife, preserve hunting and angling heritage, and promote proper science based conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitat.

What Does 2% For Conservation Do:

They connect businesses, conservation organizations, and consumers to provide a continuous funding stream for conservation efforts and a valuable opportunity to educate the public about the important role that sportsmen and women play in conserving fish and wildlife (beyond just buying a license).

What Does it Mean To Become 2% Certified:

For us, becoming 2% certified is small way of “returning the favor” to wildlife, public lands, and clean water. It’s a commitment to give at least 1% of our time and at least 1% of our profit to conservation organizations and causes that we are passionate about, become increasingly hands on in our efforts while encouraging others to do so, and to hold ourselves accountable as a voice for wildlife and wild places.



Nick Berger
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